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Aikido Seminar - Ban Sen Juku Mushin - Zaragoza, Spain - 21 & 22 October 2017
Thanks to Shino and Taihou for the pictures.
Teenager Class - Brussels dojo, Belgium - 17 September 2017
Thanks to John and Jozef Devillé for the pictures.
Summer Seminar - Temple-sur-Lot, France - 31 July to 05 August 2017
AIKIDO at the dojo...
and the swimming pool!
To mark the 25th anniversary of our summer school in Temple-sur-Lot
we planted a tree down by the river bank. We hope to watch it grow in years to come.
Thanks to Shino, Ryuo, Annemie and Wim for the pictures.
Children’s Day - Brussels, Belgium - 06 May 2017
This was a day for the kids to invite their friends and parents to try aikido for themselves
After the class, a chance to learn sushi-making and origami
Thanks to Yves Bens for the pictures.
Seminar in the Ardennes - Ban Sen Juku Liège, Belgium - 15 & 16 April 2017
Thanks to Yves Bens for the pictures.
Galerie - Page 20