Aikido - Your bodyguard for daily life.

How about getting your own YOJIN-BO - your own bodyguard?
In our lives we have to guard ourselves against our enemies, those around us and those inside us. We should be prepared for the worst! No insurance policy can give your life back, once you have lost it!

In life we are continuously surrounded by dangers, whether we are walking or driving a car. We need to make instant decisions all the time. We can’t ask someone else to do that for us, that is the reality. Our daily life demands an attentive mind. Actually many people come to aikido because they feel they need it –and find it helps. It can even help when you fall down!

Aikido is your best companion for life.
It is not just self-defence but a total guard. It makes you fitter, helps you at work, improves your health, enables you to enjoy life. We only live once! It contains all we need to live life in the best way we can. Enjoying practice, experiencing the essence of eastern culture through your body, you can keep your mind calm and enjoy natural health throughout your life, well protected against its dangers.

Aikido blossomed as a very unique martial art.
Aikido is unique among the Japanese traditional martial arts in that it was created by its founder Ueshiba Morihei to suit modern life, and based on the love of humankind. It embodies the profound spirit of harmony of eastern thought. It is living harmony. This had long been a dream for humanity, and that is why it is called the ultimate martial art.

Absolute strength.
At any rate, what is strength? Is it just relative, a contest, physical competition with an opponent? Aikido says no! Strength does not lie in opposing power but in harmonizing with the flow of power, like a stream or river. Cooperation is the absolute movement. We can find strength in unification.

Harmony is the one and only principle in Aikido.
We move in a spiral movement, like a whirlpool or a typhoon, drawing the power of the opponent into the very same stream. This dynamic movement spontaneously creates an infinite number of techniques, adapting to each situation, giving rise to graceful movements in a natural flow, in total harmony. Whether we are pushed or pulled we go with the movement, with or without weapons, with one or many opponents. It is not just combat, it is also strategy.

How do you practice? Just move on!
The natural movements of our daily life, like eating, drinking, walking, running, are the basis for all the techniques. In this sense there is nothing special about them. Otherwise they would not work for immediate self-defence. If you move as you do in daily life, it is OK! Aikido is nothing else! So everybody can practise it as an extension of his or her daily life. Depending on your physical condition you can make your practice hard or soft, like a stream of water. It never takes the same form. Even dangerous techniques that could wound us can be used to our advantage as healthy shiatsu massage, which we learn to take care of our inside opponent. Cooperating with the opponent, making him happy, keeping ourselves in the best condition. This is the BUDO or traditional martial arts mind : to keep the peace.

Practice teaches us to give full play to the vital mind-power called KI, which potentially we all have. We can learn to use it through intentional deep breathing at our balance point. Breathing in this way shows us our condition, tells us what is natural. Through it we unify body and mind, we cooperate even with our opponents and in doing so we cooperate with the entire universe, becoming one with nature like KI itself. Aikido means cooperating with the source of life itself through martial art. It is like spontaneously cooperating with a stream of water, making it bigger, and returning to see the source of life. This is not just an abstract idea but something extremely practical and technical.

Continuous training with a positive mind fully vitalises the 60 billion cells of our body; it develops our concentration, natural self-healing power, potential energy and intuition; it sharpens all our senses. It improves our sense of space and time. The flow of KI purifies your mind smoothly so it naturally reduces stress; it can teach you how to defend yourself (and not only against physical threats). Continued regular practice breeds real power. Our mind and body need training as long as we live, otherwise they are not activated and revitalised. Regular practice of aikido can have a major impact on your entire life. Throughout the battlefield of life, aikido with vital mind-power can give you fresh energy and peace, to help you to cut your way through the jungle of your life, keeping good human relations.

The gate is open to everyone.
Aikido is not based on muscle strength but on mind power. Ultimately, your character itself is your best guard rather than techniques or weapons. You can even absorb your opponent's power and use it as your own. So aikido can be practiced by young and old, women, men and children. Some of our dojos also offer special classes for children.

Come and enjoy aiki life with us…
Seeing is believing but to know the real taste of sake, you have to drink it…

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